Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rug Swapping


Sometimes I just want to do something to a room.  Something that doesn’t cost any money.  But makes an impact.

Even if it’s just something no one notices, but me. 


So a few weeks ago, I was sitting in the family room, and decided it needed just a little something different.

Aha!  What if I swapped the rug from our bedroom with the one in here?


So I did.



It didn’t cost a thing.




And yet it makes an impact in the way the room feels.


To me, it is a little bit snazzier.  But not intrusive.



I think it adds a little texture, but still lets the room be quiet.


At least, as quiet as a room in a house with seven children can be.  Winking smile


  1. Wow! What a difference that makes! We need a bigger rug for our piano room. Once we do that, I'll probably move the smaller one into the living room.

  2. Thanks, Sis!

    The color of your piano room rug would look really great in your living room, too. :)

    You might ask you know who to keep an eye out for a bigger rug. :) She would be right on it.

  3. You mean Mrs. Noote don't you, Mom!
    (is it Noot or Noote?) ;-D

  4. Great switcheroo! Isn't change fun? :o)