Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back Patio Transformations

the Patio Project..


On a chilly day this March, I went outside with a crowbar.

I positioned one of the picnic benches just so, reached overhead and started pulling down the 1960’s era vinyl panels on the patio ceiling. I also took down the old, ugly, hung-so-low-you-bumped-your-head-on-it white ceiling fan which was uncomfortably positioned just after you stepped down from the slightly crooked concrete steps on the way outside.


Underneath, I found tongue in groove paneling that looked practically brand new!  It wasn’t a total surprise, since I had tried to peek underneath the vinyl panels a few times already. But I was so happy it all looked this good!


Using a thick nap rolling brush, I primed it all twice, then painted 2 coats of white porch paint to finish it off.


After that, progress on the patio moved slowly. 

It was cold. 

It rained alot. 

And I started other projects.


But in between, in pieces, we’ve continued to work on the patio.

Glenn ordered string lights to provide lighting for the patio.  We both had looked at several different kinds before he found these.  They were a great deal, partly because they included the light bulbs! The kids and I were so excited the day the box arrived!  I couldn’t wait for Glenn to hang them. 

I love them!  They are so festive and pretty at night. 

See? Here they are when off during the day.


And look how pretty when they are twinkling in the evening.



Then there was the day in April when we moved 3, or maybe it was 4, truckloads of river rock, to put in the big bare space next to the patio.

I found the rock free on CL.  Free because it was up to us to rake it up into 5 gallon buckets, dump them onto our flatbed trailer and transport it back home.  It took several hours one Saturday, but it was worth it. 


I’m pretty sure the kids think so, too. ;)

Those boards you see laying on the rocks are for my next project!  Coming soon!

Since this post is ending up a little longer than I expected, I’ll end here for today and come back tomorrow with the rest of the changes. 

See you soon!


  1. I'm really tired of saying "it looks great, I love it." Could you do something ugly for a change? LOL

  2. I'm sure you know that wasn't Callie. Me.