Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Garden Party

Alix and Kate have been planning their first garden party at Kenilworth for at least… ohhh... 2 months or more.


They made a list of guests, planned the food, made decorations and prepared for the day.  Although it was overcast and raining occasionally throughout the morning, the Garden Party was a sweet success.  The girls just moved it indoors and had a grand time.


They asked me to pray for them before they started, which I was honored to do.  Then I added a couple of suggestions about seeds and other “food dangers” and how to handle them in a ladylike way, per one of our etiquette books.

For example, the grapes we were serving happened to be the extra large kind with a few seeds in the center.  Did you know that traditional etiquette says to remove the seeds the same way they went into your mouth?  So if you ate the grape by hand, which is most likely, you should take the seeds out of your mouth by hand and place them discreetly on the edge of your plate.  I think the key word here really is discreetly.

Or you could just swallow them, which I know at least one of the girls chose to do.  ;)



After a delightful time of eating, the girls played a few games, and took pictures of each other. 


IMG_9056 IMG_9053


It was a lovely time of fellowship between friends and cousins.



  1. Mrs Orr,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now- since the Femina girls linked to it during Sophia's surgery. I have never commented, because I am not sure if it is meant to be family blog, or an "anyone out there" kind. But I must tell you what an encouragement you are to me! I read your post with the letter to your friend who had had a miscarriage, and only a few weeks later, had a miscarriage myself. I read it many times in the weeks that followed. So thank you!

    Your home is so lovely, and I was wondering, how do you keep it so clean and orderly, whilst homeschooling 7 students? I only have 2 very little littles at the moment, but am hoping for more, and planning on homeschooling. Keeping the house up to date has been one of my concerns. Any tips would be great!

  2. Sandy,
    I wrote a long reply to you (too long for my comment box apparently!) But since my characters exceeded 4,096, I have to put my reply to you as a new blog post! LOL
    You should be able to see it on the home page.