Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Have Heat!

Although the thermostat this morning showed a definite decrease in the house temperature since last night, 


I am happy to report that two prompt and friendly propane employees have already been here.  The tank is full and our heat is slowly increasing.


                                            Here is a shot of the truck just after it arrived.


IMG_5567 “Jim” is checking things out and setting up the tank for the fill.


I thought a nice cup of hot coffee might be a convenient way to thank him for his promptness, but since I didn’t have any thermal cups, I improvised.  I cut the elasticized portion of one of Glenn’s old (but clean!) socks and wrapped it around a clear plastic cup.  A sort of coffee cozy.


Jim seemed a little surprised at the cozy, but he politely took the coffee and ended up pouring it into his thermos out in the truck.



Here are the girls, looking a little cold this morning just before the propane company arrived.


But don’t worry!  Little by little, things are warming up! 

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  1. Yay For heat!!! I was thinking it was so good that you have a fireplace and the heaters in your room. Our thermostat is set at 66 and hasn't shut off all night I don't think. There's no point in turning it up. I bet our new window will be in in March! LOL