Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby, It’s Cold…. Inside!

It’s been a little chilly in here the last couple of days… take a look..


This is our thermostat.  You can see it is set for 68 degrees.  But…. we’re not quite there.  Apparently, a hybrid furnace also needs gas to work.  And of course the propane tank is empty.  As of Friday or thereabouts.

I am pretty sure, although there is no digital confirmation, that our house is as cold as the inside of our refrigerator.


But no matter!  This is our Kenilworth home!  We are facing it with courage, comedy, and coats!


Cold weather didn’t stop our forefathers… so school must go on!  But it’s ever so much more fun next to a warm fire in our new fireplace.


The boys’ room is actually feeling balmy in comparison– although not quite warm enough that Luke wanted to throw off the warmth and comfort of his sleeping bag.


Our room is kind of cozy, thanks to the space heater, but Kate was still more comfortable in her coat.  Plus it gave her a chance to wear the hat she knitted for herself last year.


Olivia is warm-blooded, so although her nose is pink, she’s happy with just a shirt and sweatshirt.      (as soon as I took this picture she told me her toes were cold)


Noah tossed aside his socks and decided a medicine ball workout would help keep his temps up.


He and the girls just watched First Position last night with their Worley cousins. I think he was little inspired by the young boy ballet dancer who is his age.

And of course, after watching him, Kate must have her turn.


As for me… here is a look at my pajama pants, underneath I am wearing my ballet leggings, 2 pairs of socks (the top pair are Glenn’s).  You can kind of see the bottom part of my winter coat.  It’s purple.  Hey!  I match!


And I have on 2 shirts underneath my coat.

But we’re thankful anyway – especially when we consider that some folks don’t have a place to escape the freezing temps. 


It could be worse!

(but hopefully not tonight)

Don’t worry, the propane company will be here at 8:00 am. Smile


  1. Glad to see that fireplace is getting a workout! Ahhhhhh.

  2. By the way, I think you should update this with the inside temp just before the propane guys get there. It was 5 deg. when Mick checked the temp this morning!

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  4. I like those sweet purple PJ's ;)