Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EPIC Grilled Cheese!

Hey y'all, Luke here.

Here's a recipe crafted from years of testing, experimenting, and grease burns. It's basically garlic grilled cheese.

Start with 2 slices of bread for each sandwich (2 sandwiches is ideal for most skillets), cut them a little bigger than a half-inch thick.

You may notice these seem encrusted with raw grain; they are, but the only other option was cinnamon bread. :)
 Hmm... 8 grains, but no bacon?!
For a typical 12" skillet, you need about 1.5lbs of butter. Put half in right away, set the other half aside for now. Set the heat to... eh, about medium-low.

 Once the butter's mostly melted, add garlic. Level 3: Powdered garlic or garlic salt. Level 2: Minced garlic. Level 1 (ULTIMATE): Fresh cloves, minced into the skillet. (I didn't have any, but trust me, they're best.). Put what seems reasonable to you in (A heaped tablespoon looks right to me)
 If you're not using powder, add the garlic slightly before the butter's all melted, put it on one of the lumps to help it blend with the butter better.
 Grab the skillet and jerk it side to side a couple times to smooth out the butter and garlic.
 Next add the slices. All four slices (for 2 sandwiches, not 4, go on at the same time.) Don't add the cheese yet either.
 While those four are sizzling, put your cheeseset together. If you only use 1 slice, easy. If you use homemade bread, fold and rearrange them into the shape of the bread (more rectangular, less square).
 Check the slices on the skillet impatiently, when you're happy with them, take them off and set them on a plate.
 Put the cheese on the grilled side (uncooked side down!)
 Finish assembling the sandwiches, dump the rest of the butter in the skillet (note: grease may spatter here, have the cold water off so you can turn it on while squealing in agony if you're like me. Otherwise, watch out for spatters)
 In go the sandwiches. Check them agitatedly until they're almost, done, flip them, decide they're not done enough but you'll wait anyway so the other side soaks up more butter. Flip them again when the other side's done, realize other side was shadowed and are barely crisp, and continue flipping them until they're both done.
 Like that.
 Set on plate, lightly salt if you used minced garlic, pray, and eat. Make sure to ask God to bless the food you're about to eat, because health scientists would never dream of approving of it. Finally, don't enjoy it, love it.

:) Till next time,


  1. Great, now I'm hungry and it's only 9:15 in the morning...

    Can you email me a couple of those?

  2. Yummy Luke! Anything with that much butter must be delicious!!