Friday, January 16, 2015

Laundry Room Part 2


A while back, I posted an update to the changes we were doing in our Laundry Room, in this post last year.


It might seem that we forgot about the laundry room, or even that we didn’t make any progress since that post.

Well, for a while we didn’t.  It just took time to make it a priority again. 

And because I knew we couldn’t finish it the way I really would like to yet, I admit I felt a little blah about it.

Sometimes it’s hard not to be an “all or nothing” kind of person when it comes to projects. But living here is teaching me some good lessons in that respect.


I want to have glass front cabinets hanging over the washer and dryer, and maybe even a large wardrobe/linen closet on one wall… or just shelves over the folding table, and a wall mounted wooden drying rack.   

But the glass front cabinets need to be built by my Honey, since they need to fit exactly into the allotted space.  Which isn’t a standard size cabinet space.  I’m still looking….but *we* are doubtful about finding some that will fit.  And “we” certainly know alot more than “I” do about such things.

In the meantime, I decided that a counter and shelf over the washer and dryer could definitely be a help for now, and of course the counter will stay, even with glass front cabinets over it eventually.


Glenn built the counter and shelf, and I primed and painted them several months ago, and that is how things have stayed.


(imagine the shelf and counter painted – and the cereal box gone)


But a few weeks ago, we were at Lowes together and I spotted a rug which I thought might look great in the laundry room. 

And it does!



Buying the rug seemed to cause a domino effect, and proved to be the momentum for some forward progress!

Not long before, on a Goodwill trip, I spotted two white bowls.  At first I didn’t buy them, because I couldn’t figure out where to put them. But after getting the rug, I remembered those bowls, (well maybe they are pots?) and I knew just what to do with them.

Thankfully, they were still there when I went back.  I brought them home and filled one with our laundry soap, and assigned the other to holding the damp dishcloths waiting to go into the washer.


Glenn mudded the ceiling seams, finished the door trim, and made a small hanger for the ironing board from some leftover trim and two small hooks.


I remembered an extra mirror in our closet, which I had taken down when I did the art gallery walls.  It was a little too gold/brassy for the laundry room, so I took an artist’s brush and painted it to look as though it was old and worn down a little, so the gold would show through still. Just not quite as brightly.

IMG_9592     DSC01964

I hung the mirror over the folding table, and moved the three framed prints I made years ago to the wall near the washer.

I even stood on a step stool, while Glenn was mudding the seams, and stitched a little sock chain for the chandelier from old sheet scraps.

So although it isn’t just how I envision it yet, and we still have baseboard trim to do, it looks much better!


The rug is thick and warm under our feet, the mirror reflects the sparkly chandelier, and the white bowls look much prettier than the plastic ice cream container and glass jar I was using before.


Now, if we can just keep up with all the laundry! 

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day!


  1. Great idea for those pots. What is a sock chain? It looks like a great place to fold laundry!

    1. Ha! I meant to say sock chain cover! I have no idea what the true name for it is, but it's what I call the fabric cover for the chandelier chain. It's like a scrunchie for the exposed chain.

  2. Everything looks so pretty! Love the mirror and rug and those pots look really nice! So wonderful to have a pretty room, especially when you have to spend so much time in it!! :)

  3. Thanks, .girls! We seem to have a nice mutual admiration and blog support group going on, don't we?! Fun!