Thursday, September 13, 2012

Laundry Room

We finished work in the laundry room (for now) early last week.  We’re very happy with how it’s turning out.  It’s not a huge space, but then again we don’t all rush to be there at the same time.  Actually, I don’t think most of us rush to be there.  Smile

At any rate, it’s a fine little room. 



We inherited the washer and dryer with the house.  Although they are far from the ideal color, and my suggestion to spray paint them was met with general laughter, they work great and hold a lot of laundry.   They are stackable, but I wanted them side by side so the little kids could help out. Eventually we’ll put a counter right across the top of them, and some cabinets above.



For the space above the folding table, I’m envisioning open shelves, with the baskets I already have, placed thereon.  I’d also love a drying rack that comes out from the wall (kind of like this one)


– but I need Glenn to help me with that one (I think), so it’s pretty low on our priority list currently.

A pretty rug in the middle, the lovely little chandelier, towels neatly folded, the fresh smell of Tide… just a little slice of heaven!



Someday it will hopefully look a little more refined, more finished, like this



Maybe I”ll even have a laundry basket that looks as pretty as this




But for now, we’re just glad to have clean clothes on a regular basis! 


  1. Of course, due to the height of the light fixture, I'm no longer physically capable of entering and contributing to the cleaning of the clothes. One more aspect of life that I can no longer experience...

  2. I love Glenn's comment!!
    I really like those wall racks too. Maybe we should trade your red appliances for my white ones. LOL