Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Lighting

One of my Pinterest boards is of light fixtures.  I’m sure it probably sounds weird to some of you, but I love to look at beautiful light fixtures.  There is an amazing array of taste when it comes to lighting, but I imagine there is still something for everyone.

I like to shop for light fixtures at Goodwill and online.  Craigslist is a great place to get them because they are usually inexpensive, but in perfect shape.  Sometimes it just takes a little imagination to see how a light fixture can be altered to suit your own tastes.

Take this chandelier for instance.


Although it isn’t the exact one I bought on CL, it looks almost identical to it.  I’m using the one in this picture because I forgot to take a shot of the one I bought.  Mine was less dusty.  And only $20!

I loved the swoopy lines of the arms.  It was exactly what I was looking for in our mudroom.  Just needed a little TLC.  I spray painted it (Rustoleum Heirloom White of course since I have extra cans) outside on a board.  Touched it up after 30 minutes or so and let it dry.


Here’s how it looked afterwards.  When spray painting a light fixture, remember to remove the bulbs and those little sleeves that fit over the candlesticks.  They just pull right off.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Noot brought me a box with several leftover chandelier crystals she had found.  She let me have as many as I wanted! 

I love her.

I knew they would be perfect on this chandelier, so Glenn drilled 3 holes in the cups of each of the arms, and then Alix and I just hooked the crystals into the holes!  The first picture shows the crystals a little more clearly-


                      While this shot shows how pretty it looks when lit up -



Next up are these little guys I found early this summer at GW.  They were $5 each!  They didn’t come with glass or anything, and they were a little tarnished, but I thought they might work over the future bench in the mudroom.


I used some of Martha Stewart’s Gilded Brass, which is a liquid that you paint on with a paintbrush.  It is similar to a liquid gold leaf.  After 10 minutes or so, they were ready. 


The glass globes are some I found at Lowes.  I took the sconces with me when I went to pick them out, so I could be sure which ones I liked the best.  There is quite a variety of these types of globes, or whatever you call them, and it helped me a lot to have the sconces with me.  These were very inexpensive and simple.  And I thought the lines on the glass looked good with the lines on the base and the support of the sconces.  Ta da!  Our ballroom…er.. mudroom, I mean!


Last one!  This light fixture was the easiest one yet!  It was already here when we bought the house.  I just didn’t like where it was or how the globes looked.  But I thought the overall lines of the fixture itself were pretty.  No problem!


I’m sure at this point it doesn’t take much guessing for you to figure out what I did!  Well, you’re right!  Heirloom White to the rescue!



I bought some chandelier light bulbs and more of those glass globes.  And now I think it makes the perfect light fixture for our bedroom closet!  Don’t you agree?  Looks like a completely different light fixture.


For the laundry room and master bathroom, I used chandeliers that had been in the girls’ rooms in a previous house.  I’m very happy with them!


I’m sorry this shot of the laundry room is so dark – but at least you can see the chandelier! 


Ok, I can’t help myself.  I have to tell you the story about when Glenn hung this chandelier for me. 

He stood in the middle of the room and held it up, asking me how high I wanted it to hang.  When I told him where I thought it looked best, he said it was going to be low.  For whom?  I walked right under it and didn’t come close to bumping my head. 

Me:  I think it’s fine.

Glenn:  Well, ok, but then I guess I won’t be coming in here much!

Me:  In the laundry room?  You were planning to come in the laundry room a lot?

Glenn (smiling):  I do laundry!

Me:  You do? Laundry?  Hmmm… well I’ll take my chances.  That is the perfect height for the chandelier. 

And it is.


  1. Kelly - LOL!!!! I can just picture you and Glen having that conversation! You two are so funny and cute. I love the chandeliers...they sure do brighten up the area and are so pretty!

  2. They all look great! Poor Glenn. Now he'll never be able to go in the laundry room. LOL