Sunday, September 2, 2012


I can’t believe the day has finally come!  We hung the first pictures on the walls! 

Drum roll please, Mario!  Luke?!



Even before we took possession of Kenilworth back in March, I could picture board and batten, coat hooks (which I just found on CL!), and family pictures in this hallway.  Last week Glenn hung the pictures – the first step for me in decorating Kenilworth with our own things.


And one more view from the kitchen!  Although you can’t actually see the pictures themselves, you can see how they add a sense of homey-ness to the hallway, especially since we brought a runner over, too.  And I love how the rug is off-center – just goes to show you that I am NOT a perfectionist, no matter what anybody says…


I also searched through my sheets and found another antique sheet I have had in mind for that window.  Just need to make time to stitch it up.  For now, I thought the sticks with silk flowers on the sill made it look a little less bare.  But they’ll have to find a new place to sit once the shade is finished!

Tomorrow, Glenn has the day off!  So a whole day to get some work done.  I’ve been helping him mud the new drywall the last few days, while he works on the ceilings. He had to texture the ceilings in the bathroom and laundry room since they were already partly textured, due to their position in the house prior to our renovation. He found it to be extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Thankfully, he’ll just have some more to do in the hallway and then the other ceilings will be flat.  Lord willing, I am planning to paint the ceilings in the laundry room, master bath and closet tomorrow, while Glenn works some more on the electrical, and the ceiling seams in the mudroom and our bedroom. 

Pictures of that to come soon! 


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  1. Those pictures look great there! I can't believe you didn't center that rug! What is this world coming to? ;)