Friday, September 28, 2012


Although we have plans to redo the girls’ bathroom at some point, we’ve made a few changes to brighten it up for them now.

Early in the summer, I painted the walls and trim. 

The walls went from chocolate brown…


                                     to creamy white.



The girls were very happy with the changes, but for me the mirrors were still too dark.

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally took the mirrors outside and prepped them.  I taped saran wrap over the mirror with painter’s tape.

                                    IMG_3848 (2)

Very professional! 

Well if not very professional, at least very effective!  After 2 coats of Rustoleum – I was satisfied. 





I love a monochromatic look – for me it’s soothing and clean looking.  Plus, one thing I’ve noticed over the years as I’ve painted many, many things white is the way the white will make small and interesting details stand out more.  Notice the little beading on the inside lines of the frame?  When it was metallic colored, those little pearl-like beads were virtually invisible.  But not now!




This hutch was in their bedroom before, but here at Kenilworth it fit perfectly into a niche on the back wall of the bathroom.  It still holds toys and doll clothes in the drawers, but we made it look a little more bathroom-appropriate with some towels.




It may get a new look when we redo the bathroom, but it works for now.  And the pointe shoes?  In the bathroom?  Oh yes!  At the rate the girls’ feet are growing, and the pairs of shoes they are growing in and out of, pointe shoes will be part of our décor for years to come. 

Wonder what pointe shoe bunting would look like?


  1. Funny! I was just telling Mrs. Noot this morning I was picturing a ballet theme in Courtney & Erica's room with ballet slippers hanging on the wall. We don't have any spare pointe shoes yet -- an expensive decor, no? :-)

  2. I love the new and improved bathroom, btw. :-)

  3. Thanks! :) And are you sure inexpensive is the right word!? :) Pointe shoes are kind of pricey! LOL