Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Pink Hutch


 DSC02146 - Copy

One of the many challenges of an old house is storage.  Well, the lack of storage. 

When we moved here to Kenilworth, we had to get a little creative with where to put things.


Thankfully, the girls bathroom upstairs is fairly large, and was able to accommodate the hutch which used to be in their bedroom.  This was good because not only does it hold make-up and perfumes and lotions, which are typically used in a bathroom, they also hold toys.  Lots of Little People toys and things that are hard to keep track of if you don’t just toss them into one large container.  In this case – the large container is a hutch.


But the yellowish color of the hutch was really too much for the small bathroom. 

I had in mind to paint it for quite a while – I just wasn’t sure about the color.



But at last I figured it all out and spent several hours on it one day.  I sanded it a little, primed it, and then painted. 

DSC02148 - Copy

Afterwards I distressed it ever so lightly, and then waxed two coats to keep it from chipping too much.

DSC02147 - Copy

The results are just what I wanted.  It makes the bathroom seem bigger, and quieter.  Plus, the little bit of pale pink on some areas of the hutch gave a sweet contrast.  This is a little more obvious in person. :)


Even though the before shot isn’t the best, I think you can still see the difference it made.

 IMG_4743      DSC02143



The girls are tickled. pink.  ;)



Have a good day! 




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  1. Well after I'm finished oohing and ahhing, I'm going to have to watch Steel Magnolias! "Tickled pink". Why can't I remember other things like I remember movie lines?!

  2. I forgot all about that movie! It's good, but so sad, too.

    1. Yes. Might have been the first movie I cried over.

  3. Very pretty! Great job Kelly! I can see why the girls would love it!! :)

  4. It looks so soft and pretty now.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  5. Looks great! I like the tissue pom on the top shelf - I wouldn't have though to decorate with one of those!

    1. Thank you! That tissue pom was a leftover from something, and I just can't hardly throw away a tissue pom! So it landed there for now. It adds a little fluff!