Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Coat Hallway


The first time we walked through Kenilworth, I saw this hallway as a place for our friends and family to hang their coats when they came to visit.  Here is what it looked like when we came that day…


After many months, and other projects taking precedence now and then over the hallway, progress has been made.

I’m happy to say that the hallway is finally finished!  All the coat hooks are in place, ready for you to hang your coat!



                        There is even a little seat to rest for a minute.  




I made the window shade from an antique sheet I bought a while back.  I loved the hemstitch detail on the edge and thought it would look just right in the hallway.  Its texture is so soft and interesting when paired with the molding, and the ruffled fabric of the pillow on the little seat.



We bought the coat hooks at Menards in their closet shelving section.  They also have alot of hooks near the drawer pulls and knobs, etc., but we noticed that the price for the same hooks there was almost double what we found them for in the closet area.

It took only a few minutes for Glenn to get them drilled into the wall.  There are 11 hooks –each capable of holding 2 coats – which adds up to a lovely 22!  So at least 22 of you can come at the same time and happily hang your coat on these nifty hooks!



We can’t wait to have you here…

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