Thursday, October 18, 2012

Closet, Bathroom-to-be, and a Special Delivery

I thought you might like to see the dresser I was working on when we were moving here a month ago. 



I found the dresser on CL about a year ago, or so, and always planned to paint it eventually. I love the way the color turned out – our trim paint, of course!

I ended up spray painting around the handles so I wouldn’t have to take them all off.  Then I used a paint brush for the remaining surfaces.  




The bathroom is still a bathroom-in-waiting.  Meaning that we would rather finish the trim and crown moldings and mudroom cabinets before we do the bathroom.  Since we’re only a few steps from the hallway bathroom and shower, it was an easy decision when Glenn asked me to decide which I wanted to do first.

Likewise the closet will look different – Glenn will build some shelving, etc. – but for now it’s functional.



Very functional in multiple ways, as a matter of fact!  I’ll explain now about the Special Delivery.

Olivia and the twins like to deliver their school work to me in fun “mailboxes”.  Alix actually made them a cute little mailbox designed solely for their homework.  They’ve used it, too, but sometimes they’d rather be a little more…secretive.

In the late afternoon yesterday, I went into our closet to get something.  I noticed things looked a little different on the dresser.


I took a closer look. 

What was it?! 

Well, apparently Olivia had decided to give me her math facts page as a very Special Delivery.  She took the 2 little angels off of the silver tray that sits on the dresser.  Then she neatly folded her homework into a tiny square, wrapped it in a most complicated manner with the fabric loops from the girls’ little hot pad weaving loom, and leaned it against one of the angels.  The other angel, the praying one, she placed facing the angel “holding” the homework.


I think she was hoping for a blessing on the homework…

It was so cute, I still haven’t graded it, I just like seeing it every time I go into the closet!

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  1. How cute! You don't need to grade it. I'm sure it's perfect!