Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter Curtains

Although it’s not winter yet – the air is feeling very fallish and nippy at night around here.  For many weeks, in the back of my mind somewhere, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about curtains for the girls’ rooms.  Their front windows are all old, single pane windows with storm windows.  The storm windows definitely help provide a weather barrier, but since they are very old – maybe from the 70’s? – and most of them are crooked, we’re feeling some drafts!

I looked around at Goodwill a few different times, searching for something I could turn into curtains, but I just couldn’t find anything.  I needed to be able to cover 3 windows in the little girls’ room and 2 in the big girls’ room.  That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack – and really asking just too much from Goodwill.

I decided to turn new blankets into curtains.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted – matelasse would have been nice, but it’s always expensive – so one day I just wandered through the blanket aisle at Target.

Aha!  Inspiration struck!  Fleece would be perfect for winter curtains, perfect for those drafty windows!  We bought 2 King-size blankets (108 x 108) and after a week or two, I got started.

I laid the blankets on the floor, folded them into thirds, and cut along the folds.  Then I hemmed the long sides that needed it.  I used a utility stitch on my machine that closely matched the stitch that was used on the blankets.  Since some of the long sides were outside edges of the blanket, I didn’t have to hem every single edge.  I made a nice wide casing at the top and decided to do a seam that left a few inches free so that they would ruffle up a little.

After several hours of work (sewing is never as fast as I think it should be) – they were done!




I think they add a nice soft, warm, plush kind of feeling to the room.  What do you think?



                     They have a nice drape that folds quietly, and looks inviting to me.



They were practical, inexpensive (especially compared to buying the same amount of fleece), sturdy, and they’re washable!



They are already making a noticeable difference in the drafts around the windows. 

I still have 2 more windows to go, but that shouldn’t take long.  And I may go back later and add some cute pom pom fringe on the inside edges.  But for now, the girls have curtains – and they love them.

When Spring and warm breezy weather rolls around, it will be easy to take our “winter curtains” down, put them in a bin and save them for next winter.

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