Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Girls are Home!


At the end of September, into the beginning of October, Alix and Kate were invited to go along with some of our extended family on a trip to Virginia Beach. They had been counting down for months until the time would finally arrive. 



Their great anticipation was rewarded in every possible way.


They were able to tour Washington D.C. and see sights they had never seen in person; like the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the World War II War Memorial.  They walked miles and miles, and loved it.




They had a huge slumber party at my sister’s house for the 2 nights and days they were touring, and then headed off to a beautiful beach house for the rest of the week.

While they were there, they spent most of their time on the beach; playing in the sand and riding boogey boards, digging for sand crabs to give to their uncles and grandpa for fishing bait, and generally getting a little sunburnt and windblown.


Kate created a lot of sand art, including this giant face. She used shells for the eyes.




I love this shot of the girls walking on the beach looking for the right spot to get on the boogey boards.




But in between all the playing, they also found a little time to read.




And play Jenga.



And although they spent hours and hours crowded in the vans together driving to and from Virginia, they had a ball and could only tell us story after story of the wonderful times they had with their cousins.



One of the girls took a picture of Alix and Kate on the beach at the end of the week.




I think it’s a beautiful shot of my beautiful girls.


We were so happy for them to have that special time with their cousins….

but we’re even happier to have them home again!