Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fabric Pumpkins and Fall Changes


I’ve been inspired by all the fabric pumpkin ideas, so I decided to try a couple myself.  There are many different ways to do them, and after looking at a few examples, I plucked a few helpful things from each of them.




To determine the size for the two I wanted to make for the mantle, I laid down a small bouquet of silk flowers in the middle of a piece of fabric.  I pulled up the fabric around the flowers, noted how much I needed to cut, and then removed the flowers and laid the fabric flat on the floor to cut a large circle.  I made sure to fold under a layer of fabric so that I could cut two the same size, all at once.

Next I hand sewed long basting stitches around the outside edge of the fabric, about 1/2 inch from the edge, and cinched them together, leaving a hole big enough to put the filling into.




For the filling, I took a few plastic bags and stuffed them inside, and then folded some fiber fill around to help smooth it all out.

Then I finished it off by pulling the ends of the threads as tightly as I could and sewing a few stitches by hand across the top of the opening in a zig zag motion to secure it. 

For the stem, I found a couple of large pieces of mulch from around one of our big trees and just poked them into the hole, between the threads. 




The final touch was a little bit of jute string which I wrapped around the “stem” and tied with long strands that were kind of curling, like little vines.


Glenn thought my pumpkins looked a little flat, so I spent a few minutes plumping them into a more pumpkin-like shape.


In the end, although they may not look exactly like pumpkins, I think you can tell what they are intended to be.

I like them.  Smile


I even made a couple of tiny ones for the ottoman.  Aren’t they cute?!




Let’s call those little ones “gourds”, ok?


Feeling inspired to do a little fall decorating, the girls and I picked up several handfuls of acorns from off the ground at the park last week and poured them into a bowl.  They’re so earthy and pretty.


I also snipped a few stems of Russian Sage and put them in a couple of vases.  I love their purple and blue flowers.  They smell wonderful and still look good even after they dry out.




What are some of the things you do to decorate for fall? 


  1. Very pretty! I have some fake pumpkins and leaves on the red bookcase and a wreath on the front door. I'm hoping to make a new wreath for the back door for fall, we'll see if that happens. I'd love to do the front porch up with lots of pumpkins too.

    1. The pumpkins and leaves sound pretty. Your front porch would look very welcoming with lots of pumpkins!

  2. Love your pumpkins...they're cute! It's fun to change it up a bit every once in a while, isn't it?
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

    1. It really is! Each change of season brings something new and fun. We're all excited about Fall things here.