Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corn Husk Wreath


It’s harvest time here in Indiana, and the farmers have been daily in the fields which surround Kenilworth.  Roaring past the house in their huge green combines, spraying dust everywhere as they race up and down our gravel road in their hurry to get the crops in, we hardly seem to notice them after a few days.




All along the road, as we took our walk last night, corn husks were scattered here and there and everywhere.  Bright russet corn cobs, shorn of every tiny yellow kernel, lay forgotten in the midst of the husks and “rubbage”, as Isabella called it.

She was right.  It did look a bit of a mess.  But then an idea began to come together in my mind.  I called to the girls and we started to gather as many husks and cobs as we could hold in our arms.  On the way back through the yard, I picked a couple of weeds, the pretty ones that look kind of like miniature daisies. 




I clipped a few branches, with plump ruby berries and a few green leaves still clinging, from the Redbud trees.




And then today I sat down on the floor in the mudroom, with corn husks, and stripped cobs, and Redbud branches, and tiny dried out weeds.




I took down the wreath from the front door and carried it excitedly to the mudroom. Carefully, I unwired the dusty and faded silk summer flowers from the grapevine wreath.




And then, taking one corn husk at a time, I wired each one individually to the wreath, going all the way around in the same direction.  Here and there, I included one of the cobs.




Finally, I cut the Redbud branches and buried them between the corn husks, making sure to wire them tightly to the wreath.

A little sprig of dried weed flower…




And that was it!


Our Fall wreath is complete.




All the supplies were a free gift, from the hand of an amazing Creator.

Who gives us abundance everywhere, in every season.

And with the tiny details He has so lovingly made, inspires us to use what He has created to make something of our own.


Look around!  What has He kindly provided for you?


  1. You beat me, Kelly! We have husks from weeks ago and I just have to put it together...maybe this weekend! Yours is beautiful and so praiseworthy of our Maker. :o)
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

    1. Thank you, Larissa!

      I'm looking forward to seeing your wreath!

      Have a joyful Lord's Day!