Sunday, September 8, 2013



We bake quite a lot of homemade breads and rolls and dough around here on a weekly basis. 


Therefore, we buy quite a lot of bread flour.

Costco sells it in a 50 lb. bag (or is it 40?  I’m not sure), and we probably go through one of those per month. To keep all this flour rounded up in one place, I bought a large green plastic bin.  I bought it years ago, thinking it was temporary and that I would replace it eventually with something that looked a little cuter than a green plastic bin.  Besides we kept the flour in the walk-in pantry anyway.  Who would even see it?


Then we moved to Kenilworth, where there is no walk-in pantry, or any place to hide my green plastic bin.  For a while, it sat rather discretely under the island table, where only a few observant visitors might notice an oversized green flour bin.  But after we put a pretty shelf on the island, it wasn’t quite fit for that spot anymore, and so now it sits (temporarily of course) on the floor in the kitchen, next to a little corner. 

I’ve tried to hide it, or make it less noticeable, and I even tried keeping it in the school room closet initially.  But the various “hiding” places were just too inconvenient.

But now, in its little corner of the kitchen, it is very convenient.


For all of us.


But I hadn’t seen anything amiss, no signs at all that the flour had been used in any abnormal or un-flour like ways, until….

I sat down at the computer the other day and started looking through recent pictures, and I saw something quite surprising..




and this…




and here’s one…




and what is that??!


                        A little sign of some sort?




Oh, I see now. 

It’s a warning to be careful, so as not to fall. 

With a little stick figure person demonstrating what “falling” would look like in a green plastic flour bin.




It kind of made me wish I was tiny-sized and could ride on a little dune buggy, up and around that very steep mountain of flour.




It made me wish I could have been a tiny-sized person, watching my little person having fun in a green plastic flour bin.


I’m glad she thought to take a few pictures for me.  Winking smile


  1. You have a child who is artistic AND cleans up her own messes?! How rare! :-D

  2. That's so funny! I wonder if he/she washed her hands first? :)

    1. Knowing her.... probably.

      (hmmmm, now I'm wondering if I should ask. Then again, maybe not. Sometimes it's better just not knowing...)