Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Dark to Light–a new Light Fixture


The flush mount light in the hallway near the kitchen has long been on my mental “to do” list. 

It just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. 



It wasn’t exactly an ugly light fixture, it just didn’t belong in that particular hallway of our particular house.


See what I mean?



So I was thrilled last week to find something on CL that was not only inexpensive, but fit the mental picture I have had for that hallway.




Well, at least I knew it would… once I painted it.  Winking smile


I took it completely apart.  Every little screw and glass insert, and each of the metal sleeves which serve as the structural supports for the glass came apart in just a matter of minutes.  This made it much easier to spray paint.

It only took one coat of paint, and a touch up here and there and that was it!




I also took a piece of scrap fabric nearly twice as long as the chain and about 4 inches wide, then folded it in half lengthwise, and stitched one long seam.  All that remained was to flip it right-side out and put it over the chain like a sleeve.


I am so happy with it! 

It is amazing to me how a simple light fixture can make a difference!





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  1. It looks so right! Great job, Kelly! :o)

  2. Oh wow. Huge difference! Now you've got me looking around at my light fixtures ...

    1. :) You could be surprised at what a difference they make; lamps, too.

  3. So pretty! Taking old things and making them lovely is definitely your gift!:-)

    1. What a kind thing to tell me!

      Thank you, Sandy!