Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Reunion Bunting – and Family!


We were excited to host this year’s family reunion for the Calvins!  My mom’s mom was a Calvin – she had 3 sisters and 2 brothers, so there are quite a lot of us!

Most of us see each other throughout the year, but all of us in the same place at the same time doesn’t happen nearly as often.  So when we all get the opportunity to get together, it’s always a time filled with laughter and fun.


The girls and I decided to make a bunting to hang in honor of the event.  We followed directions from one of my Pinterest craft board  pins, and used drop cloth (I have more of this scrap fabric than anything else!) for the letters.

We cut out sheets of Heat-n-bond and ironed them to the same size cuts of fabric.  Then we sent the roughly 8 1/2 by 11 sized sheets through the printer and printed out the letters, 2 to a sheet, in the font we had chosen.



Although a few of them became jammed in the printer, that pesky “N” did 3 times!, we eventually got them all printed off.



We folded the sheet in half to cut the letters into rectangles, and then we used a small triangular sheet of paper to trace the cutting lines for the bottom part. 




Next we measured in from the edges and made little slits in the fabric to run some twine through to hang them.  We used the first one as our template and after lining up each letter piece behind it, poked through the slits with a pen onto the back of the next letter to mark them similarly. Then we pinched the fabric into a little fold at the dot and made a small cut with scissors.





And that was it! 

Alix and Isabella helped me string them on the back side of our cobhouse, in a place we have created as a quiet spot (near Alix’s garden). 



We pulled the planters and pots of mums forward, since we have more than a few families which would need the space next to the bench to crowd everyone into the picture together.  Smile 

We had to take pictures from a long view, so no close-ups, but I don’t think anyone minded too much.


And here they are!  Our Calvin family! 



IMG_3280     IMG_3262







Since Kyle’s family couldn’t come, Olivia volunteered to sit with Kyle so we could get his picture!  She loves him.






IMG_3259   IMG_3270


There was only one family whose picture we didn’t get…..  can you guess? 





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