Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our First Christmas at Kenilworth!

I climbed into the attic last weekend and retrieved the bins of Christmas decorations. 

And there was great rejoicing among the people!

The kids were like impatient horses at the starting gate – but I convinced them (sort of) to go a little slowly so I could figure out where to put everything.  We started with the fireplace mantle.  After trying a few things, we came up with something satisfying.


Cinnamon-ey pine cones, a burlap wreath I made last year, the white metal angel Glenn got for me at the Christmas Tree farm a few years ago..


silver Christmas balls and icicle garland…




In the Dining room, I put my favorite red poinsettia wreath on the mirror.  The wreath is made from a soft velvet fabric – I love it!


There are pinecones hanging in the windows..


                                and boxwood clippings on the chandelier…


a punchbowl just waiting to be filled…


a couple of candlestick pretties..


                                                       and a garland for Glenn’s mom’s secretary ~



more boxwood clippings for the chandelier in the family room…



The girls and I took ribbons off of some old styrofoam balls we’ve had for ages, and wrapped long strips of drop cloth around them.  Alix clipped some branches from the evergreens in the back yard and we used jute string to tie them to the newel posts.  We intertwined long streams of ivory and sparkly gold ribbon, and my favorite gold wire garland all around the stair railings.




I ran out of the ribbon, so I used last year’s bunting and more gold wire for the railing at the top!


Of course the girls’ pink Christmas tree works best in the loft so all of them can enjoy it.


Glenn and Noah took time out to put together our traditional Gingerbread House!



A friend helped me hang garland on the doors, then later Alix added the wreaths, and I hung some more of my bunting.


                          (notice the firewood stacked and ready on the back porch)

I had fun on Saturday, collecting boughs and rose hips, and evergreen clippings from around the yard to make something nice for the urns on the porch..


The jar formerly was filled with pickles!  Now, although you can’t see inside of it, it has a little bit of soil on the bottom and a large pedestal candle nestled in the soil.  The other 3 urns have jars, too – old jelly jars, etc. 



Sorry this is so dark – but here you can see all the urns.


I found the little green pillow at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago!  I was so excited – I knew it would match the ribbon on our wreath. 




For the mudroom entry, I’ve so far only hung this wreath..  I think some boughs hanging on the porch lights would look pretty, but not sure I’ll get around to that this year.


We love to read.  Glenn usually picks the books and reads them aloud at night whenever we have an opportunity.  He does a great job and we have all been on many fun book adventures together.  Occasionally I get to pick one!

Here are a couple of shots taken while I was reading The Scarlet Pimpernel to the kids… well, I don’t think the boys stuck with the entire story, but I know that Noah was there for the last half. 


Sophia looks sad –  but she’s not, that’s just her “listening” face.


The girls all love drawing – so they draw while listening.  Always.

I’ve had this post ready for several days, but I wanted to include the pictures of our Christmas tree.  But our card reader is having issues and I can’t get them loaded onto the computer…so those may just have to wait until later!

That’s all!

I’d love to see your decorations, too – send me a link!



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