Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Painted Doors in the House!

I’ve painted a lot of doors here at Kenilworth over the last several months.  Yesterday I finished painting the only ones left untouched.

Here are the bi-fold doors in the school room.  We’re not sure we’ll keep these in the long run – after we build some new bookshelves and storage inside the closets – but for now they’re good at hiding the boxes.  So I just had to paint them.

Here is a look at them – I took it right after I started priming them on Saturday.


2 coats of primer and 2 coats of semi-gloss paint later… and I was finished!


The school room wasn’t the only room with doors that needed painting.  The main bath has a 6 panel door that was dark, dark, dark.  We have plans to replace this door with a horizontal paneled door (like all the rest of the doors in the house) at some far in the future date, but it’s not at the top of the priority list.  Of course I could just leave it as is… but why would I do that when I have the paint here already? 

Here it is before – although you can’t quite see the door itself (to the right), you can see the trim surround and it shows how dark the whole thing made the hallway (not to mention the bathroom).


And now the after..


The before shot also includes the trim that used to surround the doorway to the garage.  The threshold piece was a real nuisance, we kept stubbing our feet on it, so Glenn removed it a while back.  We will trim out the opening, but for now I just painted the edges to help it blend better.  And we are no longer stubbing our feet!

Here’s a look back the other direction, so you can actually see the painted door.



It makes such a difference in the hallway and the bathroom.  They are both lighter.  Which of course makes me happy. 

We’re getting there! 


  1. Where, paint, is the sting of your victory? The door for the mechanical room is, technically, unpainted. :D:D:D