Sunday, July 22, 2012

Walking Through the Studs


I realize this could be challenging to figure out, since I don’t have a drawing for you to look at, or maybe you are more spatially oriented and it will be a cinch.  Smile  But I’m going to go for it – and try to lead you through the new remodel in the garage area, plus the mudroom.  Here we go!


When you walk  through the doorway of the new mudroom porch, you will be looking at a wall and Lord willing there won’t be a ladder.  We’ve nailed up a few pieces of plywood and drew some lines on them to mark out the spaces for the future armoires which will flank the bench, the bench, and the sink that will be on this wall.  The wall to the right will have floor to ceiling closets for coats, shoes and all the expected accoutrements.




                 Turning to your left, you will see the start of the hallway.




Here we are standing at one end of the hallway, looking at the girls coming out of the door which leads to the rest of the house.



Standing here, the first opening to the right is the laundry room:


in here there will be a washer and dryer -  (hard to imagine a wall here, but see the washer and dryer hookups?  They’re on the wall)



And to your right some space for cabinets over here in the little indentation.  Through that area  you can see the master bathroom – which of course won’t be visible once the walls are put in!



Walk a little further down the hallway and you come to the 2nd opening on the right – the master bedroom.  Standing in the doorway of the MB, you can see one of the windows on the old garage wall, and the opening to the bathroom on the right.




Walk in and stand by that window.  Now turn around and look back to where you were and you see the door going to the main house.  There won’t be a door there, it will just be another opening in the hallway.

To the right you see a small closet with a crawl space access, and a corner of the bedroom.



Looking a little further to the right, you can see the windows which are seen from the front of the house, and the space in between them where our bed will go. Miter saw is not staying.



Now turn your head and look left, and you are looking through the bathroom, and into our future closet.



And that’s it! 


The mudroom will also house our 2nd fridge and 2 large pantry cabinets which will run floor to ceiling.  Lots of people = lots of food.  Two boys = lots of food.  It’s great!  I love to feed them and watch them grow.

So there you have it! 

Clear as mud?

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