Monday, July 9, 2012

Good-bye Old Laundry Room


Whew!  It was a hot, hot week!  Temps were in the 100’s every day, I think, and yet despite that, we’ve made important progress on the master bedroom area! 

Here is a view of the garage, taken when we toured the home back in January.


Early in the week, it looked like this:



By Saturday, we made it this far.  To the left you can see the bathroom window which will have a sink on either side of it.  There is still the front wall of the bathroom left to build – it will connect to the studs on the right side of this picture.  That will form the wall to the WC, and on the other side of the WC will be a shower.  The doorway frame to the right of that window is the entrance to the master closet.   The area boxed in on the right is the laundry room, and you can see the mudroom behind it – with the doorway lit brightly by the sunshine.



Here is a view of the old laundry room area – taken that same day in January.  The black door next to the stairs led to the old laundry room, the white door to the right led into the main house.



And here is how it looked by Friday:


We removed an entire room – the old laundry room!


Here is a view of it from the mudroom, floor joists in place and waiting inspection approval.


And then by Saturday night, the new floor is in, plumbing is finished underneath and the dryer vent is ready for hook-up.  Olivia is standing in front of the new laundry room, which has a door opening into the hallway to the right.


The hallway will connect the main house, which is through that white door to the right.  The garage will become the master bedroom, laundry room, and mudroom.  Colleen is standing in the doorway to the mudroom in this nice yellowish shot below. 



Now Olivia is standing in the same hallway – the laundry room is to her right, the mudroom is behind her.  Get it?  I took this picture while standing in front of the white door which leads into the main house.  Soon, we’ll remove the white door and it will just be a doorway between the 2 hallways which will form an L shape.



I’m sure it’s a little confusing!  Sorry!  It’s hard to put the pictures together in a way to give you a wider perspective.  If only I could take aerial shots… 

At any rate, you just need to come over and stand in it. Then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!  Smile

Here are a few more shots of the same areas, taken while the guys were working.










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  1. The pictures just don't convey how blisteringly *hot* it was in there! I think I just stopped sweating this morning. ;-)

    Can't wait to see that area finished! I predict it will be the most dramatic before/after!