Sunday, July 1, 2012



We’ve had more extra help at Kenilworth this week.  The Mozingo Cousins came for a few days and helped us make significant progress in the garage.

Here is a “before” of the corner where our bathroom, the laundry room, and the mudroom all converge.



And here is the Work-in-Progress-after-Saturday look.




Evan was glad to help us out.  He donned someone’s work gloves, suffered me putting a facemask on him, and grabbed the shovel nearest his size.




He proved to be a very hard worker, hardly taking a break.  His job was shoveling up the drywall that Avery and Alix were knocking carefully down with their hammer and crowbar.  He dumped it into a wagon, which I took out to the berm pile.  (our someday-going-to-be-a-shooting-range berm)  I’d say he helped with at least 4 loads!  Enough to earn him the title of “Worker”, with all its due privileges… especially the one where you get to have your own bottle of Gatorade.  I think he chose orange.


Here is a nice shot of Avery and Alix as they worked on the laundry room.  They eventually got all the drywall out!  And the door off, too, although it’s possible Glenn helped with the door.  And of course, Evan took some turns with the hammer, too.  I think he really liked demolition!




My job for most of this area was primarily insulation removal.  Ok.  I’m going to come clean here… there are lots of jobs that have been pretty messy or stinky or dirty that I’ve done in my life, but I strongly feel now that insulation removal is at the very bottom of my “like to do” list.  It’s itchy, dirty, dusty, fluffy, hard to roll into a ball and cram into a garbage bag, and it’s ugly when it has been stuffed in between drywall and studs for years.

Please pray for me that there isn’t any left in the garage walls that we still have to tear down.


Isaac and Noah were dutiful (with a teeny bit of prodding) to get their assorted jobs accomplished.  They took out the arbor vitae we cut down to the burn pile (a different pile from the BERM pile), they carted cleaned bricks from the trailer to the garage in preparation for the brick mason, they moved the broken bricks to the berm pile, and stacked the bricks yet to be cleaned next to the cobhouse. 



Look at them trying to seem hot and tired.   

We’re pretty sure they were separated at birth.


Luke had a finger in several projects, but his main job was cleaning the bricks.  These are the bricks he and Glenn removed from the back of the garage, where the mudroom is now.  Luke is holding a brick mason’s hammer kind of thing.  Obviously, I don’t know what it is called. 

Luke is “cleaning” the bricks.  He does this by taking the hammer and carefully knocking off old dry mortar from them.  This way, they are ready to be reset with new mortar on the side of the garage. The overhead door is going to come off, and a new exterior wall and 2 double hung windows will replace it.




At least the trailer is parked under a tree.  The temps these last few days have been record-breaking.

Meanwhile, Glenn worked on the mudroom and is continuing to make great progress.  We’re all excited that he has taken the week off to start on the master bedroom.  Hopefully we’ll have lots of new pictures to show you by the end of the week. 

Have a great day!  See you soon!

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