Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Exuberance of Life


December has been a busy month! 

And it isn’t finished yet. 

Some wonderful memories are just ahead of us, about to be made. 

But some we’ve already had!

It’s been difficult to find a moment to sit and post something to our little blog, but I know I have a few nieces and nephews who, I’ve been told, wait anxiously for news from our corner of the world.

(Hello Cousins in Markleville!)

So I thought I would take a minute and post a few very random pictures to show a little of what life has been like here at Kenilworth, just since the beginning of December!


Alix found a few treasures while taking a little jaunt with Promise to the tiny creek just down the road.  Believe it or not – this is a glass goblet!  She found it covered in the mud, but miraculously unbroken! 


(can I say she is a ‘chip off the old block’?)


We picked out our tree, a Frazier fir, the first weekend in December.  And then it sat for 5 days ( a record for us!) because we were too busy to decorate it



But finally!  We did!



It snowed!  We got all excited about it – even though it didn’t last long.  We know there will be more.



I started this gallery wall.  It is taking me forever to get it done!  But I am getting there.  Frame by frame.



We have 3 birthdays in December.  Kate’s was the first – she turned 15 on December 9th.  We celebrated in our usual ways:  She and I went to lunch, and Glenn met us there this time! 



And as usual Grandma and Grandpa came for the evening festivities.



DSC01345   DSC01348


Luke received his first promotion at work!  We were so happy for him!



Kate has continued to draw when she has time.  She has done several commissions this month, (and has several in the dock) squeezing them in between school and ballet.  A few we can’t show until after Christmas!  ;)  But here is one she did, while trying to decide what to enter into the Scholastic Art Contest.  We had a bit of a rush to get it done and submitted – and lots of online paperwork and a run to the post office – but somehow it’s completed.


Although we thought she was beautiful, we weren’t sure she was right for this contest, so Kate did a second one..


And that was the One!

Due to the large number of entries – I think there were over 20,000 last year! – results won’t be for several months. 


We were blessed (and nervous) to sing in a Christmas Concert in Delphi.


Alix passed her driver’s test with flying colors!! 

And drove by herself for the first time to the neighbor’s barn to feed the horses.


Umm… no, I wasn’t nervous at all as I watched her drive away..



We’ve been practicing singing Christmas carols – for our annual caroling of friends!



The kids built our traditional Gingerbread House.  This year they were completely on their own – and did a terrific job!




Glenn brought home this chocolate casket, which he purchased in the company’s gift shop.  Did I mention he works for a casket company?  Anyway, we have laughed and laughed about this chocolate casket, wrapped specially in gold.  We can’t help but wonder……  when would this ever be appropriate to give to a bereaved person?!


(Isn’t it funny the way the utensils cast a shadow on the wall?  I think it looks like an old person with a pointy chin, sharp nose, and hair kind of like a rooster. What do you think?)


And I don’t have the pictures to show of the great times we have spent with friends and family, too…

we went with dear friends to our first Holy Walk,

watched Courtney and Erica perform in the Nutcracker,

and have spent time with family and friends at gift exchanges and dinners.


And the fun isn’t over yet!  We still have the twins’ birthday next week… and Christmas!!! 


I hope your December, so far, has been filled with special family times, and memories. 

Lots of good, delicious memories!



See you soon!


  1. So why haven't you been blogging? Ha, just kidding. Looks like a lot of wonderful times and memories being made.

  2. Ha! I know. I'm such a slacker! :)

  3. Looks like you all are having a wonderful December!
    Loved seeing the great pictures, very fun!!
    :) Alice

    1. Yes, we are having loads of fun! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, Alice. :)