Monday, November 3, 2014

Belated Birthday Party


Around here, birthdays are always special events, worthy of a gift at breakfast, lunch out with Mom, your choice of dinner, cake, ice cream, etc.  Grandma and Grandpa usually come for dinner and to celebrate, depending on weather or illness, and the dining room is festively decorated with a very special birthday placemat filled with photos of the birthday person at different ages and designed personally for them by Daddy.


But birthday parties aren’t always part of the festivities.  We’ve tried to choose a few birthdays we felt were extra special, mostly due to a noteworthy transition like single-digit to double-digits, 13, Sweet 16, and 18, for something extra special like a party.


Isabella and Sophia turned 10 last December, but because they wanted to have an outside party to celebrate, and last winter was especially bitter and cold, we decided to wait until temperatures were more favorable toward a Cowgirl Birthday Party.

Finally!  A couple of weekends ago, they celebrated their long-awaited party with a few dear friends and cousins. 

I thought you might enjoy seeing the fun they had and the memories they made.


There were horseback rides on Lil T with Alix leading:


Cousins Aleyna and Erin

                               DSC00614                      DSC00629

Cousins Brooke                                                  and Sarah  


DSC00593                  DSC00606

             Kelly                                                       Ambicka


DSC00622 Isabelle


There was an obstacle course, similar to one a horse might do at the fair.  Kate designed the course, and then timed the girls to see who could run through it fastest. 

DSC00575                   DSC00568             DSC00573



DSC00584                      DSC00588           DSC00595




They rode the zip line.




Hid behind the wood pile.



Made “corn cob corsages”.



And played in the cornfield while they waited to ride the pony.



They had a wonderful time playing with this “microphone”. 


Sophia made it in the afternoon while she was excitedly waiting for time to go by until the party would start.  She used an abandoned corn stalk, with a full corn cob taped to the end with red packing tape.  Just before the party guests arrived, I went outside to find her standing at the edge of the cornfield in the far corner of our yard, holding the “microphone” and singing at the top of her lungs,

“Let it Go!”. 


She was a little excited.


And I’m pretty sure someone was playing with it throughout most of the party.



So there you go!  A very inexpensive idea for your next Cowgirl Birthday Party!


After playing outside, the girls came in for hamburgers and french fries..

Real Cowgirl Fare….





And then the twins opened many sweet and thoughtful gifts from their friends.

They were very appreciative and handed out lots of hugs in return! 


It was their first birthday party as big girls!


They couldn’t have been more thrilled.


Isabella and Priya.



And since my sister, Jennifer, lives an hour away and we wanted everyone to be here, we asked if she would please bring a couple of extra cousins.


         Including this little Sweet Pea! 


                 Who was clearly pleased to be included in the special event.


  1. Great pictures Kelly thanks for sharing!! My Kelly had soo much fun, she loved the pony ride!
    Such sweet memories for your little girls.-Alice

    1. The girls were thrilled Kelly could be here with them! I have a few more pictures with Kelly in them, which Glenn took. I'll email them!

  2. Love it! I wanted to get a picture of our cowgirls right before they left, but their ride got here and they were too excited to wait! :-D I was hoping you guys would get some pictures. Thanks!

    1. Glenn took most of the pictures, of course! We have a few more of the girls, which I will send you! So glad they could be here!