Monday, November 24, 2014

A Squishy Family


I walked into the girls’ bathroom yesterday and casually flipped on the light.


Instantly my eyes were drawn to this sight:



Is it obvious what they are?


Maybe not, unless you have little children who are fond of balloons. 

And water. 

And water-filled balloons.

And Sharpie pens.



From left to right, they are:

Squeezey, Squirt, Squishy, and Strawberry.


Aren’t they delightful?!

Although they are limited in where they can be played with – since they tend to leak no matter how tightly they are tied – this little “family” has already provided hours of enjoyment and fun to my little family.

They have been well loved. 

And often squeezed.


And even though their time with us is most likely going to be brief, since water-filled balloons do not last forever, the time they have here will not be lacking in fun and frivolity.  Fond memories are being made.

They are also a sweet reminder of the “real” friends and loved ones we love to be with, and with whom we are making fond memories day after day.  The ones we are thankful for every day, and especially this week when we are celebrating our blessings with special Thanksgiving.


And I think it’s true…

we all need a little bit of “squish” now and then, don’t we?


  1. Very cute! Very creative little girls!
    Loved reading about them! :)