Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Smallish Table Gets a Makeover


Remember this smallish table I was given last August?  At the time, I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to finish it, so I just sanded the top and left it as is.

Since then, I’ve had a little more time to consider it.  So a couple of weekends ago I got out some paints and my trusty Purdy brush and sat down in the dining room in front of the little table.




I sanded it a little, then started layering paint colors.  First I painted on the same gray as our bathroom vanity. But it was a little too dark.




Next I dry brushed the white trim color over sections of it, to try to make it look a little more antique.




It still wasn’t quite what I had in mind, so I took another lighter gray color and dry brushed that over the body of the table as well. 




At last! I felt like it was getting closer to what I pictured. 

Finally I dry brushed smaller sections in an almond color I had in my paint stash.  It warmed it up just a little and seemed to help blend all the layers.




With all these applications of paint, I had left the top unfinished.  That’s because I knew from the start of this makeover that I wanted it to be just one color – white.


After all that?

I’m happy. 

The layered paint gives it an older look, and the colors really make the pretty knob stand out better than before.




Once I finished painting the top, I lightly distressed it, then used two coats of Johnson’s clear paste wax to seal it. 


Well, what do you think?





Before and After





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