Saturday, October 25, 2014

Antique Doors and Book Page Wreaths



Several weeks ago, I found these doors listed for free on CL.  I was so excited! 

For a while I have been picturing 2 old, paneled doors in our family room, and these would work perfectly.

They were in great shape structurally, very sturdy and heavy, but they were different colors and had some very old paint which was peeling and crackled in the extreme. I used a hand sander on them, and then painted both sides with some white semi-gloss paint. 



I leaned them up against the wall behind one of the sofas.  Although I really liked them, something seemed to be missing.  But I left them there for a while, until I could figure it out.

One day, when I walked into the family room, it struck me that book page wreaths might look really good hanging on the doors.  I remembered pinning directions for a book page wreath at some point, to one of my Pinterest boards.  The tutorial was great, here it is in case you want to try one yourself -   I loved how they turned out.




First I picked up the 2 wreath forms for 99 cents each from the Dollar Store.  Then I found a small paperback book at GW for 99 cents.  I used it for one door, and another paperback of similar size which I already had for the other.  The book wasn’t a keeper, so I didn’t feel badly about tearing it apart. In fact, I read a little of it as I was folding the pages, and had no doubt I was giving it more dignity by turning it into a wreath. 




Two suggestions I would give for anyone wanting to try one:

Paint the outside edges of the books with some craft paint, like the author in the tutorial suggests.  (of course you’ll need to wait until the paint dries to begin the wreath, but the paint will give a nice overall look when the wreath is complete.  I used a dark gray for mine.)




The other thing is to make sure you have plenty of glue sticks!  I bought a new package, and used at least half of it, if not more.


To hang them on the doors, we used small picture hangers, and secured them to the doors.  Then I used hot glue to attach a loop of jute string to the back of the wreaths; I slipped the loops over the hangers.  That was it!


I love the texture they add to the family room, and the “color” complements the neutral feel of the room.




I imagine there are limitless variations you could try with these wreaths!




I think Noah, in particular, is pretty impressed with them.


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  1. The doors look great! I love the wreaths what a neat idea so creative!! Looks like a nice room to enjoy a hot cup
    of coffee. :) Alice

    1. Well, I don't know what happened to my first reply, Alice, but come on over! Coffee sounds great!

  2. I love them. Will be a great back drop to all kinds of decorations.

    1. Thanks, Sharron! I was thinking he same thing! They're versatile.

  3. Looks great ! Love how ruffly the paper wreath looks. Going to check out that tutorial.

    1. Thank you, Susan! It's a great tutorial..with a video!

  4. SCORE!! I just love what you did with them, Kelly! Featuring you tomorrow in the link party. :o)

  5. Thanks so much, Larissa! I loved the chair you did, too!

  6. Hi Kelly, visiting from the Prodical Pieces party. Your beautiful antique doors just answered the "somethings just not right" question I've had in my dining room for months! I attached distressed shutters on both sides of my dining room mirror but it just isn't cutting it. What I need is doors to give it vertical balance. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Marie, thank you for your kind words! Isn't it wonderful to have so many creative people sharing their ideas via blogs and Pinterest? I am inspired so often, too, and I'm thrilled to pass along the inspiration others have given me.

      I'd love to see a picture when you are finished in your dining room!