Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beauty in a Wooden Tray


On a recent trip to Goodwill, I found a wooden tray; stained brown.  It was a sturdy little tray and I knew I could find a place for it, even though I wasn’t wild about the color.

I set it outside on the back porch, on a table that sits between a couple of chairs.  It helped fill in the space underneath an old painted pot of flowers I had there, and made the area look a little more layered and interesting. 




I resisted the urge to immediately get out my paintbrush and paint it, wanting to see if I would end up liking it fine just as it was.  And so it sat there patiently for several weeks.  


But something about it seemed a bit lackluster – as though I wasn’t helping it live up to its potential in life. 




It needed something.




After thinking about it, I remembered I still had some blue paint leftover from the dumpster dresser.

I lightly brushed it on, without priming, trying to skim over the stained wood, without completely covering it up.  I wanted it to look old and softly worn.  When I finished, it looked pretty enough, but it just didn’t seem to have any texture.  So since I was priming a shelf Glenn had just made for the boys’ room, I went ahead and dry brushed some of the primer over the blue paint.  Just enough to make it look as though the white was coming from underneath the blue. 




Now I love it. 


Not only does it have a purpose in life – it’s holding beautiful flowers and some special rocks picked up on our family walks – but it looks sweet as well.





It was so fast and easy, I find myself looking around at some of the other functional things I’m using, to see how they might be beautified. 

Sometimes it doesn’t take much at all; just a little imagination.