Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Much We Should Love Him


"Mommy, will you sit on my bed while I read my Bible?  Please?!"

This is almost a nightly request from Isabella.  She loves it when I sit there, while she reads her Bible to me.

Some nights, I'm just too tired.  Or I think I am. 

And I tell her, “Oh, not tonight, Baby.  Can we try tomorrow night?” 

But often I plop myself down next to her and listen.

Last night was one of those nights.

And as I lay there halfway dozing, listening to her read from Matthew, she suddenly stops. 

Lays her Book facedown on her chest and says,


"Ooh!  I am just getting so mad!"


She made an angry face. Sweet little lips pursed and her eyebrows furrowed.

Me:   “Why?  Mad about what?”

Isabella:     “How could they treat Jesus that way?!   How could they hurt him?”

Me:     “Because they didn't love Him like you do.”

Isabella:     “But didn't they know He was God’s Son?!”

Me:     “They didn't believe Him.”

My sweet Isabella, eyes tearing up and her sweet lips trembling.  Looking at me with sadness.   Like she might cry.

And after a few quiet seconds..

Isabella:    “I'm sorry!”

Me:     “Why!?”

Isabella:    “For crying.”

Me:     “Baby, don't be sorry!  Those tears are good tears. The best kind of tears.  The kind that make God happy.  Those tears are for Jesus.  Because you love Him.”

And now, she smiled very happily at me.  Eyes shiny and wet. 

She sat up suddenly and leaned forward – and hugged me hard, pressing her soft cheek against mine.



I think…. that is how much we all should love Jesus



  1. This is so precious Kelly! That is a special, special little girl!!! :)

  2. Thank you, Alice!! Your words mean a lot to me! :)