Friday, September 19, 2014

What Glenn and the kids did while I was away…


While the older girls and I were in Virginia helping my sister with her kitchen cabinets, etc., Glenn and the kids were quite busy here at home. 


I realized somewhere along the road to Virginia, that it was probably the first time I had left home for a few days without preparing any meals, giving any directions – other than weeding and watering plants – or going over medication or school schedules!

My children are growing up.


And my husband is a wonderful dad.

For most of our married life, Glenn has been alternately self-employed and employed by others.  But no matter what, he has hardly ever taken much vacation time.  He is the employee who will go in the day after a major holiday so others can be with their  families. 

But this time, things were different.  This time, he was the one who took off time to be with his family. 


In the weeks before I left, he planned several fun activities to do with the younger kids. 


They went to the Indianapolis Zoo.

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They went to a large indoor playground at a church nearby.  They stayed for 3 hours!

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He took them to a Fall Festival in a small town close to us.


He took them to Steak and Shake.


They cleaned out the van and gave it a car wash and oil change.  (probably more rewarding for me than the kids…)


He took them to a matinee in the middle of the week.


He read to them.


He let the three little girls sleep in our room on a blow-up mattress the entire week.

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He took them to a toy store and to Claire’s Boutique.


They went out to lunch several times and for ice cream cones.


He read the Bible with them and prayed with them.


He spent time with them. 


As memorable as the trip to my sister’s house was for the older girls and me, the time Glenn spent here with the other kids was equally so for them. 


He gave them a gift that will never gather dust or be stored away in a box in a closet. 





(he also built a surprise for me in the kitchen… more on that soon..)

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  1. He's a good dad! And here I was feeling sorry for those little girls. LOL