Thursday, June 26, 2014

Old Frames, New Prints


I bought these framed prints years and years ago.  I loved the softness of the flowers and the detail on the gold frames.




But lately, I’ve wanted a change in that spot.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I wanted, except I knew I still really liked the frames, but was tired of the flowers.

One day, it hit me that I could keep the frames and put something else inside of them.  Because the prints came with paper glued over the back of the frames, I had always kind of mentally seen a stop sign.  I couldn’t change the print because there was paper glued over the back, right?  But it struck me that there was really no reason I couldn’t tear away the paper.  There would surely be no Print Police frowning at me or telling me I was doing it wrong; that I wasn’t supposed to replace a print that had paper glued over the back of it.

So I took out a meat knife and cut away the paper backing all around the frame edge on the backside of the print.



It was easy.  And fast.

And I didn’t get a single ticket. 


Last year, around Christmas time, one of Glenn’s sisters gave me some old piano sheet music that had been their mother’s.  I put most of it in the piano bench, and it has sat there ever since, other than a couple that I recognized and have played now and again.




I took one of them, gently pulled it apart down the center crease, placed each piece of paper under the cardboard I had popped out of the frame, and traced around it lightly with a pencil.


Each piece of the sheet music fit perfectly inside the frames.




I love it!  Without spending any money at all, I changed something that was so simple, yet made the impact I wanted.




Have you found yourself wishing you could do a little something, without spending money, to make changes here or there in your home?  I bet if you look around your house, and try to thing outside of the box, you might be surprised at the difference those little changes could make.


[IMG_3862%255B15%255D.jpg]        IMG_0283-2