Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mudroom Closet Progress


I have been meaning to update you with our progress in the mudroom.  Notice I did say “progress”.  Smile

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before we started the coat closet…



In two words, I might say it was, “colorful” and “crowded”.

Actually a third word might be “coatless”. 

(but of course that’s because this was taken while the weather was still warm)


We started by building the back and sides…

IMG_4498          IMG_4499


And then we added the upper shelves for storage


and some lower ones for shoes and boots..


The bottom two shelves are double wide, so we can fit shoes two rows deep!  That means we have a place to put the out-of-season shoes we won’t need until summer, instead of throwing them all into a big plastic bin in the attic.

For boots, we left a space on the far right.  Then we bought a couple of plastic mats, for wet boots.  We’ve been putting them in front of the closet space and just to the side of the entry door.

Just look how many shoes we can fit on the shelves!



I primed with two coats of the water-based Zinsser, and put a coat of semi-gloss white on the shelves to offer a little protection and help with clean up.



I am planning to use the upper shelves for storage.  Although I think baskets would look cute, I am going to use clear plastic bins, so I can see the contents easier. 



We still need to make 3 tall paneled doors for the widest of the 4 “rectangles”.

Then I will paint the whole closet a soft gray.



The narrow rectangular portion on the left end will be covered by a shelving unit which Glenn will build in front of it.

There will be a built in bench under the mirror and sconces, with tall, narrow shelving units on either side, and an architectural piece connecting them across the top. 


At any rate, we’re so pleased with the progress! 






What do you think?


How have you approached The Coat Dilemma in your home?

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  1. What would I give for storage space like that?!?! What a useful improvement, Kelly!
    And how have I approached the Coat Dilemma? I've given them away. :)