Friday, November 8, 2013

My Sweet 16 Year Old


Alix is our oldest and much loved daughter. 

On Monday she turned 16! 


The opening line from a favorite book by Elizabeth Prentiss says, “Oh, how old I am getting to be! 16 today!” 




Although Alix hasn’t given any indication that she feels especially old, I myself am wondering how she went from my little girl to my dear friend so quickly. 


She has always been my helper, especially where her siblings are concerned.  She is loving and sweet with little ones, which means they are drawn to her.  She has a gift for knowing what will please them and make them happy.




She has never been a demanding person, even when she was little.  When she needs something, she quietly finds a way to obtain it, or she finds contentment without it. 




She has left me so many sweet love letters over the years, telling me of her love for me, that they make quite a presence in the keepsakes file I have for her.




She loves animals and they know it.  God has given her gentleness and patience with them. 




But it is her love for others which blesses me most to see.




As I watch God shaping her character and growing her into a lovely, godly, young woman,




my heart overflows with gratitude for this rare and beautiful treasure!

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  1. Love the pictures; especially the one with the hats! Happy Birthday, Alix!