Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pretty Painted Dog Crate


Alix and I decided that Promise’s crate could really use some pretty-ing up!  It was such an unfeminine forest green and tan.

So Alix took it apart, while I went to find the spray primer.




After just one coat of primer, and a little touch up here and there on the green half, the crate was ready for paint.

We had already made a cute little cover for Promise’s pillow from some flowered fabric Alix chose from our scrap stash.  It was pink and had some turquoise mixed in as well.  So taking our cue from the pillow cover, we chose a pretty aqua spray paint. 

I don’t think I even had to spray 2 coats, thanks to the coverage from the primer.  I only used half a can of spray paint in total, and we were both satisfied with the results.




Since I knew Promise would probably scratch inside the crate, I didn’t bother to paint the inside after priming it.


I had read online, beforehand, that the paint should be allowed to cure for 48 hours before Promise could sleep in the crate.  This meant we had to tether her to the shoe rack in the mudroom for two nights.  So she had a little more freedom than usual, and better access to chewable shoes, but she did very well and left them alone.

When the crate was ready, she seemed very pleased with the change!




Did we need to paint the crate?  Of course not!  But it is amazing how taking something as commonplace as a dog crate, and giving it a little beauty can gladden our hearts each time we look at it. 


God has put amazing beauty all around us, including some places which would otherwise seem quite mundane.  He loves beauty!  And since He has created us with the imprint of His image, it seems good for us to love beauty, too!

I think Promise agrees.



  1. So funny, I just took a picture of mine! If I post about it, I'll title it "Copy Cat" lol

  2. What color did you paint it? Do you like it? Can't wait to see it!

  3. Shucks, that turquoise crate is doggone purdy. ;-)

  4. Love it! I have the urge to go paint something (anything really!) that gorgeous colour:-)

  5. Well thanks, Sis!

    Sandy, if you do, you're going to need to send a picture! :)

  6. Gorgeous dog and a beautiful new home!