Monday, November 2, 2015

The Glory and the Lifter of My Head


“But Thou, Lord, art a shield for me, the Glory and the Lifter of my head.” 

Psalm 3:3


There have been many, many days these last months, when I needed the Lord to be the Glory and Lifter of my head. 

I have prayed it out loud sometimes, pleading for His grace. 

And I have prayed it silently, in my mind’s eye seeing Him hold my head up above the surface of the water, though the rest of my body felt immersed.


Day after day, He does this for me.


I don’t know what trials God may have for you in your own life now, but my prayer for you today is that He is the Glory and the Lifter of your head. 

He is trustworthy.  He will do it for you.




Friday, September 25, 2015



The last time I wrote something here, I was just beginning to realize God was about to take me through a new trial in my life.  But there was truly no way to know on that day, late in April, just what He was doing.

Layers have been peeled back in my life these past five months.  One painful layer after another.  Sometimes just one at a time, and sometimes more.  I have known shock, pain, grief, betrayal, and much more, on a level I have not known to this point in my life.  God has given me much.  Yet He has never left me.  He has continued to provide in every way.

My Jehovah Jireh.


Today, He continues to carry me through this difficult trial.  In ways I can’t number. 

Or tell you. 


But what I can tell you is that He never forsakes us. 

He never forgets us. 

What He has ordained for me, for my family, is good.  All of it, He is working together for good.  His glory and our good.


I am changed forever. 

But it is good.

And I love Him even more.


And although there is so much more I could say, and may yet in the days ahead, I think that my Kate’s words this week are a poignant glimpse into where we are right now.

A dear friend asked Kate, who is 15, how she was doing.  Her reply may surprise you.


She said she wouldn’t change a thing.


She said first that this trial has brought her closer to God.   And she is thankful for that.

She said God has used this trial for her mom’s sake.  And she is thankful for that.

She said God has used this trial for her dad’s sake.  She is thankful.

And she said she is grateful for dear friends and how God has used them to demonstrate His love for us, and in the midst of it He has knit our hearts together in a way that goes beyond words.

He makes families of some, who are not born into families together.  

For that, she is thankful.


And so am I.


When you pray, please pray for us.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015






There are times in all our lives when we stop and reflect.  Looking back over the course of all our days thus far, remembering trials and joys, laughter and pain.



We think of things we said, which we wish could be unsaid.


Times we know we could have been more thoughtful, more loving, more selfless toward others in our actions and words. 


Memories play back behind the curtain of our eyes, our windows to the world, and we experience a semblance of the emotions we felt so intensely at one time, as we remember.


As a young mom, I often reflected on my words to my little ones, when I lay down in the quiet of night.  Regretting this harsh word spoken in a moment of anger, or a choice I made regarding loving and teaching them which I felt wasn’t good enough.

Wishing I could do it over. 


But there aren’t do-overs in our lives.

There is only now.


And our kind Savior redeems it all, our sins and mistakes – and even the things we view with pride or satisfaction in ourselves, yet which in reality can never measure up to what God accomplishes over and above us. 

In spite of our best efforts.  In spite of our worst mistakes.


His redeeming love is the ultimate consolation. The ultimate encouragement.  The ultimate comfort.

The ultimate reward.


As you reflect on your life, day by day, week by week, or even sometimes, hour by hour….  remember that there is always hope. 


Hope for damaged relationships.

Hope for brighter days ahead.

Hope for forgiveness.


And that hope has a name.



Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  To prosper and not harm you.  To give you a future and a hope.”